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The student news site of Oakton High School

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The student news site of Oakton High School

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Ashleigh Tain

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to the Oakton Outlook! This is my fourth year of writing for the school newspaper and my second year of being an Editor-in-Chief. We have an amazing and passionate team this year and I am beyond excited to work with everyone and end my final year off strong. During my time in this class, I have grown to love storytelling and the essence of narratives, especially in the modern climate of emerging minorities. I feel privileged to have a platform of expression, and thus it is important for me to serve this opportunity to others as well. Beyond this, I love photography, graphic design, and learning Spanish, but most often I am trying new coffee shops with my friends or enjoying home-cooked meals with my family.

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Class of 2020 Virtual Senior Map

Class of 2020 Virtual Senior Map

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | June 3, 2020

Withstanding our favorite tradition of providing a senior map with the colleges and destinations of the Class of 2020, here is our digital version. Seniors featured are derived from our social media forms,...

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Student veganism: balancing change and comfort

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | January 24, 2020

In the past weeks, Oakton’s AP Environmental Science class has been studying the waste unit by embracing action and challenges. After tracking and measuring daily waste for a week, they were assigned...

Non-compromising habits to decrease your carbon footprint

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | January 24, 2020

While more ethical and carbon resistant lifestyles have been emerging, it has become increasingly evident that we as Earth's humans need to take responsibility and change our lifestyles to ensure the integrity...

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It’s okay to say no

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | September 23, 2019

When I started taking my education more seriously, I formed study groups with my friends, made efforts to talk to my teachers, and in applying myself I developed an academic rhythm that I became confident...

A sheltered life in Northern Virginia

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | June 4, 2019

In my English class, my teacher often projects bellwork prompts and assigns the class to inquire about our insight and scribble down our thoughts. Often we are asked to answer methodical questions...

In the Blink of an Eye

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | June 4, 2019

At our Labor Day barbeque the night before my first day of freshman year, my cousin pulled me aside to chat about ‘school’. A rising senior at the time, I assumed she would want to share with me her...

NY Times

Eight Awards from the National Spelling Bee

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | June 4, 2019

On May 30, 2019, the Scripps National Spelling Bee handed out champion prizes to the largest group of first place winners— 8 students walked home with $50,000 and their respective trophies. After 20...

Overachieving syndrome in the culture of Varsity Blues

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | March 19, 2019

The recent USC College Scandal has been bouncing off of every news headline and online publication in the emerging conversation of elitist privilege and the perceptions of education and success. It...

Cultural cuisine: a sense of home

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | March 1, 2019

In the small talk and common utterings of how important food is in our lives, it is true that food bears a more meaningful and extensive connotation. To many, it’s nourishment is a catalyst of energy...

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Suncity carries on Khalid’s legacy

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | October 19, 2018

After the raving success of American Teen, and consecutive singles hitting #1 in the Spotify and Apple charts, Khalid releases Suncity— a reflection of reality and youth. In a dedication to his hometown,...

Perfectionism and the impossibility of creating liberally

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | October 10, 2018

Perfection, in its exterior, is a beautiful thing. It is effortless yet diligent. It manifests products that are pristine and aesthetic. It breeds a notion of attentiveness and creativity. In its interior,...

The radiance of Three Steps Charity

The radiance of Three Steps Charity

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | April 15, 2018

After the morning news reads the special announcements, a tangible energy of anticipation overwhelms the buzzing students. A sense of pride instills the atmosphere; a spirit painted by students each holding...

In a society of stimulated youth

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | April 8, 2018

In our February Print Issue, we covered the idea of stimulated youth on social media platforms and lifestyle. We connected the social implications of maturity and why our youth is considered to be...

Photo from @Logic301 Twitter

Another Realm of Logic

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | March 29, 2018

Logic’s album release of Bobby Tarantino II had me in surprise. His previous album, Everybody, although not one of my favorites, branded his name as an artist that cares about the world around him. His...

Is hard work irrelevant?

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | February 25, 2018

As students, we all thrive under diversity. Everyone is unique in their passions, pursuits, to the way one works. Personally, I do my best work in long periods of time in which I meticulously map out everything...

Teen Vogue ceased in print— what does this mean for our youth?

Teen Vogue ceased in print— what does this mean for our youth?

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | November 22, 2017

At a young age, Teen Vogue Magazine opened a new realm of maturity and culture to my life. It made reading more adventurous and purposeful, I felt like an accomplished adult, and honestly a crisp stack...

Red Pill Blues album review

‘Red Pill Blues’ album review

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | November 14, 2017

What do you think when you hear Maroon 5? The smooth agility of Adam Levine’s voice? Songs that remind you of your past self? The timeless sounds of fluid beats and retro tunes? Or maybe the fact that...

Is the fashion industry finally recognizing diversity in the runways?

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | October 22, 2017

America is the most diverse it has ever been— or at least we are working towards it. Our society is working together to facilitate great matters such as the rise of women empowerment, ethnicity embracement,...

Sam Smiths triumphant return

Sam Smith’s triumphant return

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | October 18, 2017

Four years ago, in October of 2013, the world met Sam Smith; a English singer-songwriter narrating the rich emotion of his despairing love life. His first hit single, “Latch”, was released and its...

“Digital Detox” is a trend

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | March 3, 2017

   In the 1980’s, the Internet was born, heavy and bulky, but one of the most influential inventions to grace the earth. Today, with its structures thinning and online users exceeding the 3 billion...

The Big Apple; a holiday hotspot

The Big Apple; a holiday hotspot

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | January 19, 2017

    New York; a city given countless nicknames such as the big apple, the city that never sleeps, as well as the world’s biggest urban playground, is given another- Oakton’s holiday hotspot....

Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist) by Jackson Pollock

Digging to Philosophical Art Essence

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | November 19, 2016

       Art is a concept of variation. With each color blend to careful indent brings a universal philosophy. The evolution of art itself grows from spiritual intimacy to contemporary originality....

The showstoppers of New York Fashion Week 2016

Ashleigh Tain, Editor-in-Chief | September 29, 2016

“Taste is a sharpened eye for the beautiful, the interesting, and the unusual, coupled with a talent to apply all of these to one’s life,” said founder of the New York Fashion Week, Eleanor Lambert....

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